Transforming billing and invoicing processes: Proximus and ACL embrace digital payments with Payconiq

Energy suppliers, telecoms, hospitals, insurance, or other service providers… Payconiq is the right choice for invoice payments.

With Payconiq, customers pay their invoices in a matter of seconds facilitating accounting processes for the merchants and the invoice insurer.

Today, we are highlighting two key players in the market: Proximus and Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL), who tell us their experience with Payconiq.

1. Proximus: Revolutionising telecommunications in Luxembourg

Proximus, a key player in Luxembourg’s telecommunications sector, has been shaping the industry for several years. Tango, a brand under Proximus Luxembourg, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a customer base exceeding 280,000. As the country’s premier alternative operator, Tango is committed to democratising technology by providing a diverse range of services, including TV, internet, fixed and mobile telephony, to both residential customers and small businesses. In order to offer its customers, the best possible service, Proximus-Tango naturally turned to Payconiq to digitalize payments and invoices.

Payconiq integration: a success story

The integration of Payconiq into Tango’s payment environment was remarkably smooth. In just a few steps, the link between Tango’s invoicing system and the Payconiq platform was established. Minor developments were required, and the efficient and responsive customer support provided by Payconiq ensured a hassle-free integration process.

Measuring the impact

The shift to digital bill payments with Payconiq has significantly enhanced operational efficiency for Tango. Automatic authentication of payments removes the need for customers to manually intervene, ensuring that payments are identified and making it easier to reconcile data.

Future aspirations

Tango believes that thanks to the introduction of Payconiq “click to pay” on their e-invoice, will increase further penetration of payment using Payconiq. The goal of this innovation is to reduce the number of payment steps, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience for their customers.

2. ACL: driving mobility services

Founded in 1932, the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) stands as the leading association in Luxembourg, boasting nearly 190,000 members. ACL is dedicated to provide a wide array of individualised mobility services, assistance, advice, and benefits to its members.

Advantages of paying bills with Payconiq

ACL recognises the advantages of Payconiq’s QR-code system, which efficiently reflects payment information, eliminating the need for manual entry by members. The structured information within the QR-code ensures accurate payments for ACL, streamlining the reconciliation process.

Payconiq integration: a success story

ACL integrated the Payconiq QR-code into its annual subscription letters with relative ease. The simplicity of integration was evident, making it a straightforward task for their IT partner.

Measuring the impact

The switch to digital invoice payments has streamlined processes for ACL. The automated capture of payments with correct details reduces the risk of errors, lightening the workload for both the membership and finance departments.

In a nutshell:

Proximus and ACL’s adoption of Payconiq Luxembourg reflects a forward-looking approach to digitalization, simplifying processes, enhancing customer experiences, and paving the way for future advancements in telecommunications and mobility services in Luxembourg. As Proximus and ACL continue to embrace innovative solutions, the collaboration with Payconiq stands as a testament to their commitment to efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

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