The Company

Payconiq International SA is a public limited company under Luxembourg law, registered with on the Luxembourg trade and companies register under number B 169621, with its registered headquarters at 9-11 rue Joseph Junck, L-1839 Luxembourg.

The Payconiq solution as been developed since 2006, firstly by Payconiq Mobile Payments S.A., Luxembourg leader in micro-payment by SMS through the intermediary of mobile operators, then by Payconiq International S.A. as of March 2010. Originating from a research and development project supported by the Luxembourg government, the Payconiq payment solution has been designed around the user, their practices, and their needs.

Authorised as a payment institution by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance (institution authorisation number 40/18), Payconiq International S.A. is monitored by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the supervisory authority for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg finance sector.: This regulatory status give Payconiq International S.A. the right to offer payment services, such as Payconiq, in accordance with the provisions of the law of 10 November 2009 related to payment services, as amended.

Authorisation as a payment institution also grants Payconiq International S.A. recognised status within the Member States of the European Union; this status authorises Payconiq International S.A. to carry out its business in all Member States (subject to informing the CSSF beforehand).

The Payconiq solution

An innovative approach

Payconiq was born in March 2010 as part of a research and development project looking for a universal solution for mobile payments in partnership with the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade. During a year of research, the Payconiq team perfected what seemed the approach best suited to the needs and requirements of consumers.

The aim was to determine and specify the payment scenarios most appropriate for the European market.

Among digital experts, economic players and mobile specialists, Payconiq has established itself as the ideal interlocuteur for performing mobile payment in Luxembourg. Payconiq has managed to bridge the gap between mobile operators, retailers, and banks, bringing the latter into the mobile payment ecosystem.

“Payconiq has developed an innovative system that allows a Smartphone to replace a wallet. »

The key ingredients of the Payconiq solution

The Payconiq system offers a genuine user experience with three key ingredients:

  • Direct link to a bank account, a fundamental element for the easy use of any payment solution outside the context of micro-payments or niche markets
  • Payconiq is a banking product proposed by our bank partners to their customers, without breaking the privileged relationship between the establishment and their customer
  • Payments are triggered by a two-dimensional barcode (or QR code) reading, a process that is compatible with the majority of smartphones, or with Payconiq Beacon terminals that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC), based on a technologically neutral platform, capable of integrating future technological developments

The most practical and secure payment solution

No need to waste any more time logging in to your bank’s web interface, entering your credit card number or going through your wallet. From now on you can pay with the most practical and secure payment solution on the market.

With this system, no sensitive information is stored on your telephone, your payment is encrypted and your confidential data cannot be pirated. The Payconiq solution is also certified by your bank, which provides you with.

Payconiq timeline