Empowering generosity through technology: Payconiq partners with non-profit organisation across Luxembourg

In a world where digital innovations continue to reshape how we interact with our environment, the strong and diverse collaboration between Payconiq and a wide range of ASBL and non-for-profit association) across the country showcases how technology can foster a culture of generosity and community support.

Digitalising donations for a more collaborative society

Payconiq, the pioneering digital payment service has harnessed the power of technology to bridge the gap between charitable organisations and donors. Through the Payconiq solution, donations to any charity can be easily made simply by scanning a QR code. This user-friendly, multi-channel solution has digitised the donation process and made it more convenient, encouraging more people to contribute to causes that matter to them. This unique approach has garnered the trust of numerous associations and ASBLs nationwide. By providing a simple mobile solution via QR codes or links, we have streamlined the process of collecting donations, making it more accessible to a broader audience. We offer associations multiple collection points and several QR codes at no extra cost, further enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

Turning payments into acts of kindness

In December 2022, as Luxembourg embraced the festive spirit, Payconiq demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility. For every payment made with Payconiq in participating shops during that month, 1€ was donated to charites. It resulted in a remarkable €12,168 donation to three deserving associations: Ile aux Clowns a.s.b.l., Fondation Cancer and Caritas Luxembourg. This initiative showcased the commitment to giving back and highlighted the potential of digital payment systems to drive positive change in our communities.

Making a difference in every corner of Luxembourg

The impact of Payconiq extends far and wide, forging partnerships with ASBLs throughout the country. Let’s take a closer look at some of the regions where Payconiq has made a significant difference:

1. FC Ehlerange A.s.b.lSouthern Luxembourg

In the south, Payconiq collaborates with FC Ehlerange A.s.b.l, a local sports club. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to supporting charitable organisations and community-driven initiatives that promote physical well-being and togetherness. This is one of the first Luxembourgish football clubs that has accepted Payconiq as a payment solution.

2. Croix Rouge – Headquarter in central Luxembourg

In the central region, Payconiq has joined forces with the Croix Rouge. This collaboration underlines our dedication to assisting one of the world’s most renowned humanitarian organisations in its noble mission. Croix Rouge alleviates suffering and helps those in need in all regions of Luxembourg and across the world.

« Payconiq enables us to quickly activate the generosity of our donors, when necessary, in the event of a crisis or a call for donations to fund our activities. »

3. Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf in Mersch – Further north Luxembourg

In the center north, Payconiq has partnered with the Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf in Mersch, also known as SOS Children’s Village Luxembourg. Since 1968, this organisation has played a vital role in childcare in Luxembourg and is recognised by the Ministry of Education, Children, and Youth.

4. Comité d’organisation de la cavalcade de la ville de Remich asbl – Eastern Luxembourg

In the east, Payconiq collaborates with the Comité d’organisation de la cavalcade de la ville de Remich asbl. This committee is responsible for organising the annual cavalcade in collaboration with the town of Remich, reviving a cherished tradition dating back to the pre-World War II era.

“Payconiq really made organising our carnival party in Remich simpler when it came to payments. Reliable, easy to use and with impeccable customer service, it’s a perfect solution for clubs.”

5. Sapeurs Pompiers Commune de Hobscheid – Western Luxembourg

In the west, Payconiq partners with the Sapeurs Pompiers Commune de Hobscheid (Firefighters of Hobscheid). Their collaboration underscores the importance of supporting the local heroes who safeguard our communities and provide assistance during emergencies.

The digital revolution is not just about convenience and efficiency; it’s about creating a society where generosity and compassion thrive. With the support of Payconiq, Luxembourg is showing the world that every transaction can be an opportunity to make a positive impact, one QR code at a time.

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