Create your QR codes via the merchant portal

New functionality

It was a much requested feature and here it is. You can now create your own QR codes from the Payconiq merchant portal. You can generate them by adding the amount and/or reference of your choice and then upload them.

How does it work?

Step 1

Go to the merchant portal and click on “Download QR”.

Step 2

This feature is only available for the following products. Make sure you select one of them in the top left corner.
Pre-defined sticker – Fixed (fixed amount) : an amount is predefined in the QR code and the customer cannot change this amount. 

Pre-defined sticker – Define by consumer (editable amount) : the customer scans the QR code from his Payconiq app then inserts the amount of the transaction and validates the payment. 

Pre-defined sticker – change by consumer (predefined and editable amount) : the amount is predefined in the QR code but the customer can change the amount if he wants. 

Step 3

Enter the reference*, the description** and/or the amount, as well as the format and the size of your choice then click on “Create QR code “.

*communication visible only to the merchant

**Communication visible to the merchant and to the customer

Step 4a

Then click on:  “Download”: your QR code will be downloaded in the format you have chosen. This QR code can be used on the support of your choice (flyer, letter, web page,..).

Step 4b

and/ or click on: Copy Link

What is it for?
To allow your customers to pay with Payconiq on the mobile version of your website or on your social networks.

Indeed, when the customer visits these platforms from his mobile, it is favorable to use the Payconiq link instead of the Payconiq QR code.

Step 5

1) Click on “copy link”. A message will appear “Link copied
2) 2) Go to your website or social networks and paste the link. 
3) Preferably, hide the link behind a button, behind the QR code, the Payconiq logo or a phrase such as “Pay mobile with Payconiq”. 


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