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Some phishing attempts via email and SMS are currently ongoing.

When in doubt, please contact your bank.

Make your life easier

Transfer money

No more struggling with change! Send and request money to and from your contacts using only their mobile phone number.

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Pay your bills

Utility bills, insurance bills, speeding and parking fines… No need to enter the references, the amount and the beneficiary anymore.

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Pay online and directly in apps

No need to enter credit card details, scan the Payconiq QR code, and it’s paid, easy and secure.

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Pay in shops and restaurants

With Payconiq, you can pay in store simply and safely.

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Bank level security

Payconiq is a service offered by your bank and meets the industry’s highest security and encryption standards. Payments are validated with your fingerprint or PIN code. No critical information is transmitted or stored on your smartphone. And the limits are customisable.

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Who can use Payconiq?2021-09-20T09:21:24+02:00

Payconiq is a mobile banking payment solution that allows you to pay in the store, on the internet or in apps on your mobile. You can use the app to pay your bills and transfer money to friends and family. Payments are made directly from your bank account, immediately and safely.

How can I know that my Payconiq payment has been made?2021-09-20T09:28:09+02:00

Following any successful Payconiq payment transaction, a message confirming payment will appear on your smartphone screen and confirmation will be provided to the merchant. In case of problems, such as a network loss, an error message is displayed on your smartphone and the transaction is not carried out. In addition, you can consult, at any time, the history of your Payconiq payments in your Payconiq app or via your web or mobile banking.

How is DIGICASH PAY secure?2018-11-14T14:53:04+01:00

The infrastructure, the DIGICASH mobile payment network, and the DIGICASH application of each partner bank, meet very high security and encryption standards for mobile payments. You validate each payment with your DIGICASH PIN or with your fingerprint. The DIGICASH QR Codes as well as the data issued by the DIGICASH Beacon terminals also contain no confidential data. More specifically, the encoded information refers to either the amount to be paid, the identity of the beneficiary and the reference of the payment / invoice, or only to the identity of the beneficiary; in short, information necessary for any payment and which is not confidential. Of course, for these security measures to be effective, you should never store your PIN on your smartphone, annotate in any form whatsoever, or use any tool for automatic storage of words of pass to store the PIN. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use a PIN specific to the DIGICASH application of your bank and therefore not to use the same code for other applications or for the security of the smartphone on which is installed the DIGICASH App. During the DIGICASH activation procedure in your bank’s web banking, you must not disclose the QR Code of initialization displayed in your web banking to a third party.

What is the price of the Payconiq application from my bank?2021-09-20T09:24:36+02:00

The Payconiq app from your bank is available for free in the App Store and in Google Play Store.

Who can I contact in case of problems with Payconiq?2021-09-20T09:22:37+02:00

Talk to your Payconiq-issuing bank that will assist you with troubleshooting. Assistance to payers using the Payconiq App of their bank is offered directly by the institution in question.

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