General rules for Payconiq promotions and campaigns

General rules for Payconiq promotions and campaigns

Applicable from 01/11/2022

Article 1: Organisation, scope and duration

Payconiq International SA, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B169621 and having its registered office at 9-11 rue Joseph Junck, L-1839 Luxembourg (hereinafter “Payconiq” or the “Organizing Company“), regularly organizes free events, donation campaigns, promotions, competitions, contests and/or games without obligation to purchase (each a “Campaign”, collectively the “Campaigns”). Below are the general rules (“General Rules”) for Campaigns organised by Payconiq.

The exact dates of the Campaigns will be announced in advance or as required by applicable law or regulation, subject to the specific Campaign. If a Campaign entails a game or competition element, the methods for designating the winners, the prizes, and the methods for depositing them will also be specified. These general rules will apply to any Campaign organized by the Organizing Company. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of these General Rules and the Specific Rule for a respective Campaign, as published on this page, the latter will prevail.

The advertising of these Campaigns will be carried out through:

  • Payconiq, via its website , its Facebook page , in-store campaigns, radio, digital and online communication channels, and/or such other social media forums and platforms (as may be applicable).
  • From time to time, and where applicable, the financial institutions that are partners of Payconiq, through internal digital and printed communication media and external channels,

Article 2: Method of participation

Participation in these Campaigns is free for any natural person of legal age. In some instances, participation may require that a person has a bank account with one of the banks offering Payconiq as a bank app integrated solution.

The method of participation may be further specified in the specific Campaign that is rolled out from time to time by Payconiq.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to exclude at any time and without notice (definitively or temporarily), any person behaving in an unfair manner with regard to the Campaigns and their execution of any harm, fraud, and/or cheating breach of relevant laws, which compromises the proper functioning of the Campaigns.

Article 3: Campaign results and prize allocations

The outcome and/or results of Campaigns will be published or communicated as may be specific and/or required with the respective Campaign.

For Campaigns that are competitions, games or prize-based, the terms and conditions for designating the winners or allocation of prizes will be defined in the specific rules relating to each Campaign.

The Campaign results will be published on the applicable forums by Payconiq. This may include, amongst other forums, (i) the Facebook page , (ii) directly in the respective Payconiq application,(iii) by direct communication to the winner using the contact details provided or by any other appropriate means or channel.

When applicable, prizes in the form of discount coupons may be awarded either directly via the Payconiq integrated bank app, or in the form of a printed QR Code, which the winner must scan to benefit from the reduction. For material gifts, as may be applicable from time to time, the winner may be informed to collect their prize from Payconiq’s offices at the following address: Payconiq International SA – 9-11 rue Joseph Junck – L-1839 Luxembourg, or at any other specified place as may be indicated and communicated for the respective Campaign.

Article 4: Winner announcements

You agree that if you are a winner, you will take part in and co-operate fully with reasonable publicity and to the use of your name, photograph and any comments in such publicity without any fee being payable.

Article 5: Campaigns that are competitions, games or prize-based

For any Neither persons who do not meet the above conditions, nor representatives and employees of the Organizing Company, nor persons from any company controlled by or with the Organizing Company, nor persons taking part in the performance of these Campaigns (agencies, other service providers, etc.), or employees of partner financial institutions, as well as members of their families (ascendants and descendants).

The Organizing Company reserves the right to ask participants to provide proof of their eligibility for Campaigns. Persons who do not meet these conditions or who refuse to provide proof of their eligibility will be automatically excluded from these Campaigns and will not be able to claim any prize.

Where applicable, in the presence of multiple registrations, whether proven or suspected, the Organizing Company will at its discretion delete the additional registration(s), without prejudice to also cancel the initial registration made by the participant concerned, that the latter complies with these rules or not.

For these types of Campaigns, the prizes will be defined in the specific rules relating to each Campaigns.

Article 6: Legal deposit

These rules can be consulted free of charge at the following address:
In the event of exceptional circumstances, the Organizing Company reserves the right to modify these rules and the specific rules relating to any Campaign at any time, in whole or in part, provided participants are informed by an announcement on and/or by publishing a new version of these rules or the rules specific to the Campaign.

Article 7: Dispute and liability

Payconiq shall not incur any liability if, in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control,  if it were required to cancel the respective Campaign, shorten them, extend them, modify the conditions or replace the prizes (with a prize of equivalent value or similar characteristics).

Payconiq reserves, in all cases, the possibility of extending the period of the Campaigns.

Payconiq cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery or non-delivery attributable to postal services or telecommunications networks and infrastructures (internet, etc.).

Payconiq is not liable in the event of a technical incident preventing the use of the Payconiq tool or otherwise hindering participation in the Campaigns.

Payconiq also declines all responsibility in the event of unavailability of the page.

Payconiq cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the misuse of the prizes by the winners.

Article 8: Governing law 

These rules are governed by Luxembourg law. If any of these provisions/rules should become null and void, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Article 9: Disputes 

Any dispute arising or concerning the Campaigns, these general rules or the specific regulations as applicable, will be the subject of an attempt at an amicable settlement. The dispute will be submitted to the competent courts of the place of the registered office of Payconiq in Luxembourg. No dispute may be accepted more than one month after the closing date of the Campaign. The closing date will be communicated through the respective Campaign terms.

Article 10: Complaints

Any claim must be the subject of a written request addressed exclusively to the address of the Organizing Company and must include the exact contact details of the claimant. Written disputes and complaints relating to the Campaigns will no longer be taken into account after a period of one month after the closing date of the respective Campaign.

Article 11: Use of your data

Any information that participants share with Payconiq will be kept secure and only used in line with these terms and conditions, unless the entrant has opted in for future commercial, Campaign-related communications from Payconiq.

Specific Rules 

Terms and Conditions for Payconiq Cashback Campaign September/ October 2023

Payconiq International S.A. is a payment institution supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier “CSSF“ and registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B169621 with its registered office at 9-11 rue Joseph Junck, L-1839 Luxembourg, Luxembourg (hereinafter “Payconiq” or the “Organizing Company“).

Payconiq will conduct a Cashback Campaign (hereinafter the “Campaign“) to promote the Payconiq services, on behalf of the Banking Institutions that are providing Payconiq as a payment method.These Terms and Conditions consist of the “Specific Rules” for the aforementioned Campaign and, together with the General Rules available on the Payconiq website and Privacy Policy, constitute the “Rules Package” applicable to the Campaign.

1. Object
Payconiq will conduct a Campaign where it will offer EUR 5 (five) Cashback for all the Eligible Participants,
as stated in the Specific Rules.

2. Scope
The following Banking Institutions (“Participant Banking Institutions“) will make the Campaign available to the Eligible Participants: Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État (BCEE), BGL BNP Paribas, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL), POST Luxembourg, ING Luxembourg and Banque Raiffeisen in their applicable APP, during the period of the Campaign.

3. Duration
The Campaign will occur from the 00:01 AM CET 18th of September 2023 to the 23:59 PM CET 15th of October 2023.

4. Criteria of Eligibility
4.1. For the purpose of the Campaign, only online, instore and invoice transactions will be considered “Eligible Transactions“.
4.2. For the purpose of the Campaign, it will be considered as “Eligible Participants“, all the Users of the
Participant Banking Institutions that during the Duration of the Campaign perform one of the following transactions:
– Their first online payment with Payconiq (online transaction);
– Their first instore payment with Payconiq (instore transaction);
– Their first payment of an invoice with Payconiq (invoice transaction);
– Or if any of the above transactions were performed prior to 1 January 2022, in which case the transaction performed during the Duration of the Campaign, will also be considered as Eligible Transaction.

5. Execution of Eligibility
5.1. Each Eligible Participant is only considered for the purpose of this Campaign once per IBAN.
5.2. In case Payconiq identifies any potential fraudulent Participants or Acts, Payconiq is fully entitled to
exclude those from the Campaign without further notice or justification.

6. Scope Limitation
6.1. The Campaign is limited to the first 3.000 (three thousand) Eligible Transactions;
6.2. The total amount of cashback payments cannot exceed EUR 15.000 (fifteen thousand euros);
6.3. In case any of the above thresholds are reached before the end of the Campaign, no other transactions will be considered as “Eligible Transactions“ and the Campaign is considered as terminated.

7. Cashback credit
7.1. The EUR 5 (five) cashback will be credited in the Participant’s Bank account between the 20th of October 2023 and 20th of November 2023.
7.2. For the sake of clarity, the account to be credited is the account from which the Eligible Participant performed the “Eligible Transactions”.
7.3. Under no circumstance or subject to any request, the cashback credit will occur to any other bank account (IBAN).

8. Right to withdrawal Participation
8.1. All Users that are not interested in being considered as Eligible Participants for the purpose of this Campaign and as such, not benefit from the possibility of getting the EUR 5 (five) Cashback, must send an email to: [email protected] during the Duration of the Campaign (18/09/2023 to 15/10/2023).
8.2. For the avoidance of doubt, in case Payconiq does not receive any communication requesting its exclusion from the Campaign, the User will be considered as an Eligible Participant.

9. Conflict of Rules
In the event of a conflict between the provisions of these Specific Rules and the General Rules, as published on the website, the Specific Rules will prevail.

10. Termination of the Campaign
Regardless the Duration mentioned in Article 3, Payconiq reserves the right to terminate the Campaign at any time, for any reason, without having to provide any prior notice to the Users or entitling any of the parties involved to any compensation whatsoever.

11. Privacy
11.1. Use of your personal Data – In offering our services, we collect and process your personal data.
Payconiq – as Controller – ensures that the necessary arrangements are made to comply with the applicable regulations. This applies as well to your participation to the Campaign where your personal data will be used for this purpose if you are partaking in the continuity of services we offer. This is conducted as per our Privacy policy article 1.
11.2. Purpose of the data processing – As part of the Campaign in order to conduct the Campaign according to these Terms & Conditions and as per our Privacy policy:
• To notify you about changes to the Campaign
• To allow you to participate to the Campaign when you choose to do so
• To provide care and support in line with the Campaign