The Insiders – Louise Cazzoli Interview

Payconiq is Luxembourg’s leading mobile payment solution. Launched in 2012, and today Payconiq is partnered with the six leading banks (Spuerkeess, BGL BNP Paribas, BIL, POST, ING, Raiffeisen) that issue the Payconiq-supported apps to their customer base. The company handles merchant affiliation, including Luxembourg’s top retailers and invoice issuers. Today, the Payconiq-supported apps are actively used by over 50% of the population (18-65yo) and have become the new normal in digital payments in Luxembourg.

To spotlight the best insights into Payconiq’s excellence, we ask a few questions to the inspiring crew behind it.

Today we speak to Louise Cazzoli, Marketing Specialist at Payconiq Luxembourg.

1. Hello Louise, can you tell us more about yourself and your role as Marketing Specialist at Payconiq?

“My name is Louise Cazzoli, and I’m 28 years old. I am originally from Belgium and currently reside at the border. I started my career almost five years ago when I joined the marketing team at Payconiq in Luxembourg. Interestingly, this is my inaugural position since graduating. My journey into marketing started with my academic background in economics and management sciences, where I specialised in digital marketing. Following my studies, I embarked on a nine-month internship with a cosmetic company in Brussels, which solidified my passion for marketing and strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in this dynamic field. But life took me in another direction. Upon completing my studies, I made the decision to move to Luxembourg to work at Payconiq. Admittedly, the Fintech sector wasn’t my initial choice, but it has proven to be remarkably engaging and rewarding. My role at Payconiq is multifaceted, covering diverse areas such as campaign management, website oversight, social media, and digital advertising for both B2C and B2B segments. Additionally, I handle B2B marketing in collaboration with our sales team, organise events, and manage analytics and reportings. Working closely with our agencies and partners further enriches the scope of my responsibilities. Reflecting on my time at Payconiq, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the evolution of my role. It’s been an enriching experience to contribute to the growth of the company and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Fintech sector. I’m excited about the future and the continued growth and innovation in this dynamic industry.”

How do you collaborate with cross-functional teams to align marketing initiatives with the overall business goals of Payconiq?

“In my role, collaboration with cross-functional teams is integral to aligning marketing initiatives with overall business goals. 

Firstly, I strongly believe that marketing and sales are intricately connected and so working closely with the sales team is a fundamental aspect of my daily activities. By fostering strong relationships with these cross-functional teams, we create a collaborative ecosystem that ensures our marketing initiatives are not only aligned with but also enhance the achievement of our overall business goals. We engage in daily exchanges to ensure seamless coordination on various fronts such as supporting merchants in activating their Payconiq accounts and usage. This involves creating comprehensive guides and promotional materials, managing the website to provide a reliable information hub, organising events to foster relationships with our partners, executing special marketing campaigns with merchants, conducting interviews and blogs, and managing email communications.

Secondly, working closely with the design team is crucial for creating compelling content, visuals, and social media posts that resonate with our target audience. This collaboration extends to developing brand materials that consistently reflect our messaging and values.

Another example is the collaboration with the legal team which is essential for the success of our marketing initiatives. We engage in contract management with partners and suppliers, ensuring that all agreements align with our business goals. Additionally, we address GDPR aspects to safeguard customer data and undertake legal checks before launching any marketing campaign, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential risks.”

3. What role does content marketing play in your overall marketing strategy, and how do you create engaging and informative content promoting Payconiq within the digital payment industry?

“Content marketing is a significant aspect of my role, and it’s a multi-faceted task that cuts across various channels. At Payconiq, we’ve strategically integrated content marketing into key areas such as social media, ads, website, email communications, campaigns, and blogs. Internally, as mentioned, we’re fortunate to have a talented design team at Payconiq that contributes immensely to our content creation efforts. In addition to our internal capabilities, we also collaborate with external agencies to enhance our content development process. For instance, when crafting the creative concept for a campaign, we partner with agencies to bring our ideas and briefs to life. Over the years, we’ve been successful in establishing a unique brand identity, and our ongoing goal is to consistently reflect this identity in all our communications. This involves year-round digital ad displays, catering to both B2C and B2B audiences. Our objective is to maintain a continuous presence with engaging content throughout the year that resonates with our local audience”.

4. Can you share with us one successful digital marketing campaign or initiative you have led in the past for Payconiq? Why did this campaign work? How did you build this campaign in the first place?

The rebranding campaign is definitely a standout moment for me, and it’s not every day you get to work for a significant project like this that early in your career. The challenge was immense, considering that ‘Digicash’ had been rooted in people’s minds since 2012. We tackled the rebranding in two phases.

The first phase, in 2020, introduced the new name as ‘Digicash by Payconiq’. It was a strategic move to ease the transition. Then came the second phase in 2021, where we executed the full rebranding, aiming for an impactful and positive campaign.

Our objective was clear: emphasise the positive aspects of the change and highlight the advantages for our users, positioning us as the singular solution in Benelux. The visual component was crucial, and we opted for something original that represented the diversity of our consumers in terms of age, gender, and style, with a strong emphasis on Luxembourg. During this campaign, we organised a photo shoot, also a first for me. It was an incredible experience collaborating with two agencies, meticulously planning every detail from the location in the streets of Luxembourg to the angle of the photography, stylism, accessories, nails, and models. The message was deliberately short and direct: ‘Digicash becomes Payconiq’. To motivate and engage users, we incorporated gamification with a big contest ‘Double your salary’. The response was fantastic, and the results spoke for themselves. Following the campaign, we witnessed a substantial increase in awareness for Payconiq, with aided awareness skyrocketing from 21% to 69% and spontaneous awareness jumping from 6% to 27%. It was a testament to the effectiveness of our strategy and the collaborative efforts of the entire team. I was and still am very proud of this campaign”.

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